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Donnel Morgan

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One thing that made me happy was when Makoto smiled after he lost. Haruka has a trauma (about people losing to him) since Rin turned out that way at the beginning because Rin lost to Haruka. So, competing with each other seriously but seeing the other person smile— as Haruka, that saved me. When (Makoto) looked like he was crying, that made me, as Haruka, feel really pained. But then he smiled— even though he must have been feeling totally frustrated over losing! I thought, what a nice guy. What a great friendship.
Shimazaki Nobunaga (FREE!ES radio ep5) ←


A sketch of Olivia!! (:

There’s no one on our team who can beat Ushiwaka one-on-one! However, there are six volleyball players on a volleyball court! Even if our opponent’s some genius first-year, or Ushiwaka, the team with the better six is stronger, you dumbass!

Cutie pies (◡‿◡✿)

Iwatobi High and Samezuka Academy

Seijuurou Mikoshiba - Ep 09


The Miku Expo main theme song “Sharing the World by Bighead" (regular and karaoke versions) is now available in the iTunes store


side note : don’t break oikawa’s chains


im gross and made self-indulgent haikyuu lanyards (dont even.. start on the trash one……………face in hands)

they’re up for $9 each on my storenvy & will debut at fan-expo toronto [table A353] and AWA!